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Explore how other teams use NFTBank API to pioneer NFT financialisation.


Wemeta is an NFT market specializing in Metaverse lands.

NFTBank price API powers land price estimates shown in the UI coupled with other land analytics to allow users to evaluate land value more thoroughly.


Parcel is a vertical NFT market optimized for virtual real estate.

NFTBank price API powers real time land appraisal displayed on purchase UI to allow users to make better investment decisions.


NFTfi is a leading P2P NFT collateralized loan platform with over 100mln USD in cumulative loan volume.

NFTBank price estimates will be integrated to NFTfi V2, where lenders will be able to see price estimate valuation to accurately gauge collateral value before offering loan amount.

Pine Protocol

Pine Protocol is a decentralised NFT backed borrowing and lending protocol with market innovations such as Pine Now Pine Later, which allows purchasing of NFTs with a loan similar to mortgage.

NFTBank price APIs will help assess collateral value of NFT assets on Pine Protocol for users to make smarter investment decisions.


Pawnfi is a decentralised liquidity protocol for non standards assets such as NFTs and LP tokens.

NFTBank price APIs will allow Pawnfi users to recognize the prices of their digital assets in a fair range

Gringotts DAO

Gringotts DAO is a liquidity provider specializing in NFT backed lending.

NFTBank price estimate API allows accurate appraisal of collateral value, which allows Gringotts DAO to make better assessment of collateral value and target loan investments.

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