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NFTBank is the go-to NFT portfolio manager powered by a powerful ML model for NFT price appraisals. Our price estimates provides users with the most accurate net worth snapshot of their portfolio, with an unparalleled coverage of 1,800 projects and counting.

We are building with many partners to enable the NFT financialization, as accurate NFT price feed serves as the backbone of building financial derivates on top of NFTs. See our list of Featured Partners.

More on Our Price Estimates

Our ML model begins with analyzing NFT metadata traits and sales history. As the model matured, we have developed methodologies to most accurately predict individual assets such as applying different weighting to trait values, categories, groupings of trait values, time of sales and more. We are also continuously developing our model to catch edge cases such as wash trading. Still, our model may work better with certain collections, especially with those with rich past sales data and low volatility. Please refer to our Price Estimate Performance Dashboard to see our model at work and its accuracy!

Here's an in depth review of our model that you can check out too.

How to Get Started

At this time, you need an API key to interact with the NFTBank Price APIs. We do not charge you any fees for our API, but different rate limits will be applied depending on use case. If you would like to request a key, please fill out this form. Our team will review the request and be in contact with you shortly.


We value user feedback very highly at NFTBank. You can chat with us through telegram, discord or email on any bugs, feedback or observations you might have.

Join us in our Discord. Our team is very responsive!

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